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Run-on sentenced to death
2021/07/30 05:47
It snowed last night, which wasn’t that big a deal, because hey, it’s March, that thing happens, and I had a phone interview to conduct at 8:30 at work so I left home extra early and lo, the roads were fine but traffic was traveling at 22 mph anyway for no apparent reason whatsoever, and I got off the freeway early (thumbing my nose at humanity by speeding onto the exit ramp at a blistering 34 mph) and took a side road, but everyone else had that same idea, and I finally took another unplowed side street after sitting through three light changes and not moving, and discovered to my great, great dismay that my car horn no longer worked, even when I used both hands to push as hard as humanly possible on it, and I parked in the guest parking lot even though that’s a no-no, because my normal 10-minute commute was nearing 45 minutes, and I sprinted as fast as I could into the office, skidding on the floor as I flung my coat and gloves and scarf onto my chair, and ran into the conference room as the clock ticked over to 8:30, and I called my interviewee and started talking, realizing my voice was fluttery and high due to lack of oxygen and my asthma, and because I didn’t want the interviewee to think I was a pervert, I had to state, in a conversation that was being recorded, that the reason I was breathing so hard was because I sprinted into the office due to bad traffic directly related to the weather and not for any other unsavory reason.
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