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Queen Emily
2021/07/27 06:10
I love the Australian Play School story. Sounds ideal. Usual nay-saying bullshit of course. :(

I adore Ma Vie en Rose. But I’m thinking more of pre-schoolers (can’t speak French, apart from super-clever bilingual kids or those in French-speaking countries of course, can’t read subtitles in English, can’t concentrate for more than 1/2 hour at a time!) here. I think for slightly older kids it would be just perfect. The documentary looks wonderful – again for just slightly older children. What a dreadful title though!

I absolutely love the idea of the “mistaken identity” trans girl. She would be a fab recurring character in a pre-school show. Or even have her own show. Why not?

I hadn’t even noticed Nina’s nails! Suppose I was just too overjoyed at a woman! And a Scientist! being on pre-school telly! But now you mention it ... I suppose the full makeup thing if you want to be kind you can see – most presenters wear some kind of screen makeup. But the nails (and the perfect hair, actually) – wouldn’t they hinder any experiments?

(And, why, thank you – *blushes*!)
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