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Favorite Food
2010/10/02 12:19
I have a sweet tooth. I can easily skip one meal in order to have a bite of my favorite food-cakes, tarts, pies etc. No matter how you name it. The common rule is, they are all sweet and made from fresh and natural ingredients, such as pure flour, ripe fruits, fresh eggs, creamy cheeses, sweet roasted nuts, drizzling honey etc. These ingredients were well mixed and baked, then came out surprisingly alluring and pleasing to our eyes and taste buds.

If I passed by a bakery, I would slow down my pace with my eyes wide open and stare at those beautiful and tasty cakes and tarts. Eventually, I would stop and sniff those luscious mixture with great joy. It was purely a sensuous delight to me. After that, I would go on with my head up and wearing a smile on my face and bearing away a happy mood for the rest of the day.

I had a savory experience in my recollection. I remember a visit to Schoner Brunnen in Vienna. In it's kitchen, we watched a pastry cook demonstrating how to make the famous Apple Strudel. He kneaded the dough into a thin silky pastry then wrapped rich and sweet fillings like raisins, apples, sugar, rum, cinnamon, butter etc. inside it. Next he put it inside the oven and baked for nearly an hour. He sprinkled the Apple Strudel with powder sugar before serving to the tourists. We just could not wait to get a piece of Apple Strudel to taste. Everyone included me, were all nodded and yum-yum while we were eating it. One tourist said, "Oh! This is too good to be true." As for me, I grab a cookbook back home and tried to revive it with relish.

Due to some unknown reasons, I could not make it right, not even close to what the pastry cook had made at Schoner Brunnen. Maybe it's deliciousness needs a pair of skillful hands with a delicate touch. I finally gave up and put the cookbook up in the bookshelf. When summer came to an end. Two apple trees in our garden oozed out graceful and tender scent. It held ample of apples. Those were crispy enough to make an apple pie. I loved this home made pie. It was so easy to make also very tasty. One basic pie crust filled in with apples, peeled, cored, and sliced plus butter, sugar, lemon juice, brandy, apricot jam. These were to increase the zest of the pie. The most important is the appealing of this pie. I spent time arranging apple slices on the pie to resemble the petals of a flower. When it came out of the oven, it looked like the golden sunset emitted warm and soft rays of the summer sun. With one bite, you might taste the giddy joy of breaking through the somber and gloomy clouds up in your head.

So, when people mention "The sweet and the bitter of life" to me. I never hesitate to add some sweet delight to my life by tasting my favorite food.

(May 12th, 2004 at Shinchu City)
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