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How to Boil An Egg
2010/10/02 02:39
One lazy afternoon while I was browsing a magazine, little Jenny came to my room and stood by my rocking chair quietly. I closed and put the magazine aside, then looked at her tenderly. She wore a white dress with a patten of flowers in a riot of daisies dipped and swayed. Her eyes were dark brown which was also the predominant color of her smooth and shining hair. Her long eyelashes looked like the wings of a butterfly fluttered relentingly. Then she spoke with hesitation. "Granny, may I ask you a favor?" "Yes, dear?" I said as softly as I could. "Could you boil some eggs for me? Please!" She paused and looked hopefully at me. "Mrs. Anderson asks me if I could help her preparing Easter eggs and I say yes." She is only six years old. Anything that the teacher said will be a serious matter to her. I looked into her eyes and said firmly, "Come, let's do it!".

We went to the near-by chicken-house. We picked six eggs as quickly as possible and put them carefully inside a basket. Then we walked right away and ignored those hens' hostility. After we came back to the kitchen. I picked up a heavy saucepan from the shelf and filled it with water which was just enough to cover the eggs. Then I put it on the top of a gas stove. I ignited the fire and turned the knob to adjust the fire until the flame became blue color. Jenny watched cautiously. She knew this was one of the few things which she could never lay her hands on without our approval first. "Now Jenny, you can help me rinse the eggs under the running tap water before we put them inside the saucepan." She nodded her head and acted agilely. She held an egg with both of her little hands carefully and cleaned the egg one by one under the running tap water. She wiped them with a kitchen towel and waited for the next move.

It was just about time, the water started to bubbling. The fire has brought it to boil. Then I put a tablespoon of vinegar into the boiling water. That was a little cooking tip, in order to make eggs taste tender and avoid the cracks of the eggshell. I lowered the egg slowly into the hot and boiling saucepan without making any splash. Then I asked Jenny to try it once. She did it in the same way and came with a sign of relief. I patted on her back and told her that she did a great job. She learned her first important lesson, which was how to cook properly and avoid getting hurt in the kitchen. After we placed all the eggs inside the saucepan, I reduced the fire and boiled the eggs gently for five minutes. I turned off the gas stove then scooped them up with a chrome skimmer one after another. I placed them on a tray and move them to the table, let them cooled off by themselves.

Little Jenny looked at these steamy eggs and smiled with content. She hugged me tightly and said it chirpily "Thank you Granny, I love you!" then she clapped her hands, singing and dancing bonnily around the table. She was so happy like a Easter Rabbit expecting the holiday to arrive.

(May 5th, 2004 at Shinchu City)
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