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袁氏選股:Buy Peloton Interactive, Inc. at $112 or lower (附最新行動,請不時回來查看)
2021/04/07 20:19
Peloton Interactive, Inc.(PTON ,114.80) is a provider of interactive fitness platform. The Company provides connected, technology-enabled fitness and the streaming of instructor-led boutique classes to its members. The Company operates and manages its business in three reportable segments: connected fitness product segment, subscription segment, and other segment. Its connected fitness product segment consists of its Bike and Tread and related accessories. Its other segment consists of Peloton branded apparels. Its EPS of 2021 and 2022 is estimated at $0.46 and $0.74 respectively. It represents a turnaround from -$0.32 as of 2020 and an increase of 60.86% from 2021. I recommend this stock because of its beautiful bottom chart formation not based on its intrinsic value. Buy it at $112 or lower and sell it at $140 or higher. (Disclaimer:投資有風險,請謹慎評估,若決定購買,請自設停損及自負虧盈後果)

法律聲明: 我目前持有以上的股票 (美西時間:07:12 AM 04-07-21)

後記: 若您喜歡本文,請按個“推薦”,您的鼓勵是我推薦股票最大的動力,謝謝!


06. 那些金融鰐魚真夠狠的,PTON造成一位小孩死亡,40位受傷的消息昨天才釋放出來,目的再壓低吃貨。(美西時間: 10:20 AM 04/17/21)

05. 但我認爲PTON又回到接近我最初的推薦買價$112,危機就是轉機可以繼續加買,我們的目標價仍爲$140。(購買均價:$113.6)(美西時間: 10:03 AM 04/17/21)

04. 昨天股價暴跌US Safety Commission宣佈停用PTON的跑步機,因爲造成一位小孩死亡,40位受傷。(美西時間: 09:42 AM 04/17/21)

03. 可以在$115.11或低再度購買PTON。(美西時間:06:57 AM 04-12-21)

02. 分享PTON戰績效應又出現了,PTON今天暴跌2.93%至$119.24,真是屢試不爽真是太有趣了,給我們再度加碼的機會。(美西時間:06:58 AM 04-09-21)

01. 不敢相信我的眼睛,今天約有$880.89 Million(=(116.83+124.50)/2X(14.8-7.5))跟隨我們購買了PTON。(美西時間:05:13 PM 04-08-21)