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袁氏選股:Buy RoKu, Inc. at $222.73 or lower (附最新行動,請不時回來查看)
2020/10/09 03:06
Roku, Inc. (ROKU,223.20) operates television streaming platform. The Company connects users to streaming content, enables content publishers to build and monetize audiences and provides advertisers with capabilities to engage consumers. Its Roku platform allows users to personalize their content selection with cable television replacement offerings and other streaming services that suit their budget and needs. Ad-supported channels available on the Roku platform include CBS News, Crackle, The CW Television Network and Vice; subscription channels include HBO Now, Hulu and Netflix, as well as traditional pay TV replacement services like DirecTV Now, Sling TV and Sony PlayStation ; and transactional channels include Amazon Video, Google Play and Vudu. Its product categories include advertising, Roku TVs and Streaming Players. Its 2021 revenues are expected to be $2,146 M and is an increase of 34.8% from 2020. Its 2021 EPS is expected to be -1.01 and is 28.8% better than that of 2020. It is a company benefitted from COVID-19. Buy it at $222.73 or lower and sell it at $474 or higher. (投資有風險,請謹慎評估,若決定購買,請自設停損)

法律聲明: 我目前持有以上的股票 (美西時間:12:50 PM 10-08-20)


06. 可以在$361或高賣掉50%的ROKU,不到2個半月獲利62.10% (推薦時間10-08-20,推薦價格:$222.73,目標價:347)(美西時間:06:43 AM 12-24-20)

05. 哇,我們的ROKU衝破$300 。(美西時間:06:35 AM 12-08-20)

04. 我們決定把ROKU再列入推薦名單,逢低即將買回。我們再度回到13支推薦股。(美西時間:08:55 AM 11-21-20)

03. 我注意了ROKU很久,但一直找不到進場時機,但終於在更換DKNG之際找到了,它們皆屬宅家神股,DKNG則從神壇走下,而ROKU步上神壇。(美西時間:05:33 AM 10-10-20)

02. 哇塞,我們的ROKU盤後已經上漲至$226.30(+1.1%) (美西時間:05:08 PM 10-08-20)

01. 賣DKNG換ROKU。(美西時間:12:50 PM 10-08-20)
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