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袁氏選股:Buy Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc., at $19.30 or lower(Closed)
2020/10/01 06:10
Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc., (SPCE,19.30) formerly Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp., is an aerospace company that provides human spaceflight for private individuals and researchers. The Company is focused on developing a spaceflight system to offer customers a multi-day experience culminating in a spaceflight that includes several minutes of weightlessness and views of earth from space. Through its aerospace development subsidiary, The Spaceship Company, LLC, the Company manufactures its space vehicles in Mojave, California. Its spaceflight system consists of three primary components: its carrier aircraft, WhiteKnightTwo; its spaceship, SpaceShipTwo, and its hybrid rocket motor. SpaceShipTwo is a spaceship with the capacity to carry pilots and customers or payloads, into space and return them to earth.WhiteKnightTwo is a twin-fuselage aircraft designed to carry SpaceShipTwo up to an altitude of approximately 45,000 feet where the spaceship is released for its flight into space. Its 2021 revenue is expected at 34.86 M and is an increase of 2600%, Its 2021 EPS is expected to be -$0.62 and is less than -$1.11 in 2020. Buy it at $19.30 or lower and sell it at $26.45 or higher.(投資有風險,請謹慎評估,若決定購買,請自設停損)

法律聲明: 我目前持有以上的股票 (美西時間:15:29 PM 09-30-20)


03. 可在$18-18.20買進SPCE,(美西時間:11:02 AM 10-26-20)

02. 我們今天又買了SPCE。(美西時間:04:49 AM 10-05-20)

01. 哇,又一穿雲箭,不到4小時SPCE已經+3.56%至$18.92。(美西時間:10:09 AM 10-01-20)