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袁氏選股:Buy 2U, Inc. at $34.20 or less (附最新行動,請不時回來查看)
2020/09/26 00:32
2U, Inc. (TWOU, 34.20) is a provider of an integrated solution consisting of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) combined with technology-enabled services (together, the Platform) that allows colleges and universities to deliver online degree programs. The Companys SaaS technology consists of a learning environment (Online Campus), which acts as the hub for all student and faculty academic and social interaction, and a suite of integrated applications, which the Company uses to launch, operate and support the Companys clients programs. The Company also provides a suite of technology-enabled services optimized with data analysis and machine learning techniques that support the complete lifecycle of a higher education program, including attracting students, advising students through the admissions application process, providing technical, success coaching and other support, facilitating accessibility to individuals with disabilities, and facilitating in-program field placements. Its 2020 and 2021 revenue is expected to be $873 M and $743 M respectively. That is an increase of 29.4% and 17.4% respectively from prior year. I foresee the companys future revenue are should be much higher than the forecast due to ever increasing threat of COVID-19. It will force all schools to deploy more on-line classes. Buy it at $33.20 or less and sell it at $49 or more。(投資有風險,請謹慎評估,若決定購買,請自設停損)

法律聲明: 我目前持有以上的股票 (美西時間:09:52 AM 09-25-20)


04. 我們決定在$490.56或高出售ZM轉換成再加買TWOU,因爲同屬於遠距離受益疫情的股類。(美西時間:11:34 AM 09-28-20)

03. 我今天又加碼TWOU了。((美西時間:06:59 AM 09-28-20)

02. TWOU今天收盤為35.11,已經上漲5.75% (美西時間:13:22 PM 09-25-20)

01. TWOU 已經上漲2.16% (美西時間:11:13 AM 09-25-20)