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袁氏選股:Buy Draftkings Inc (DKNG)at $49.00 or less (Closed)
2020/09/17 03:47

Draftkings Inc. (DKNG,51.03)is a digital sports entertainment and gaming company. The Company provides users with daily fantasy sports, sports betting and iGaming opportunities. Its offerings include business-to- consumer (B2C) offerings and business-to-business (B2B) offerings. Its B2C product offerings include Daily Fantasy Sports, Sportsbook and iGaming. Daily Fantasy Sports is a peer-to-peer platform in which its users compete against one another for prizes. Sportsbook includes sports betting, which involves a user placing a bet by wagering money on an event at some fixed odds (proposition) determined by the Company. iGaming is an online casino, which includes a suite of games available in land-based casinos, such as blackjack, roulette and slot machines. It also supplies B2B sports betting and iGaming services for various gaming operators and government-run lotteries. Earnings will tentatively be announced 11/13/2020. With 7 analysts covering DKNG, the consensus EPS estimate is -$0.20, and the high and low estimates are -$0.10 and -$0.36, respectively. Buy it at $49.00 or less, sell it at $70 or more (投資有風險,請謹慎評估; 若決定購買,請自設停損

法律聲明: 我目前沒有以上的股票 (美西時間:12:50 PM 10-08-20)


19. DKNG 下跌係因它今天宣佈發行16百萬股Class A的股票(稀釋5%),正常資本運作不必擔心。應該過3-4天恢復上漲。(美西時間:07:39 AM 10-05-20)

18. DKNG 下跌係因它今天宣佈發行16百萬股Class A的股票,應該過3-4天恢復上漲。(美西時間:07:39 AM 10-05-20)

17. 我們提升DKNG的目標價至$67。(美西時間:05:39 AM 10-05-20)

16. 我們今天又買了DKNG。(美西時間:05:32 AM 10-05-20)

15. 才11個交易日,DKNG 暴漲了26.3%(推薦價格:$49; 推薦日期:09-19-20) (美西時間:06:15 AM 10-01-20)

14. 今天我們的冠軍股DKNG首傳捷報,DKNG宣佈與NFL的費城鷹同盟,股價暴漲5.2%至$61.90。(美西時間:04:53 AM 10-01-20)

13. 我今天又買了DKNG,我們目標價為$65。(美西時間:05:28 AM 09-29-20)

12. DKNG今天上漲5.18%至$53.19。(美西時間 13:18 PM 09-25-20)

11. 今天我們的DKNG上漲5.39%至$54.29,已上漲10.8% (短短五個交易日)(美西時間 10:18 AM 09-22-20)

10. DKNG已從今天的低點$49.10反彈至$51.31(+4.5%)。(美西時間:08:25 AM 09-18-20)

09. 更多的資金加入:約為7.52億美金 (=(36.4-22.5)X(52.6+55.7)/2)(美西時間:14:00 PM 09-18-20)

08. 我今天利用剛剛DKNG價位回退又加碼了。(美西時間:10:59 AM 09-18-20)

07. 哇!DKNG今天的股價已漲至$55 (+3.62%),大盤各大指數仍然紅通通下跌,有一點得意!(美西時間:08:15 AM 09-18-20)

06. DKNG 收盤價為$53.11,才一天已上漲6.53% (=(53.11/49.86-10X100) you (美西時間:14:31 PM 09-17-20)

05.  今天科技股跌的相當厲害,但DKNG卻表現的極爲亮眼,請繼續逢低購買。DKNG今天收盤可能為$54或以上。(美西時間:12:18 PM 09-17-20)

04. 我們購買均價為$49.85 (=(50.70+49)/2) (美西時間:07:00 AM 09-17-20)

03. 可在$49或低加碼!(美西時間:06:30 AM 09-17-20)

02. DKNG 盤後再度發威,暴漲$1.54(+3.03%)至$52.24。(美西時間:19:10 PM 09-16-20)

01. 不敢相信我的眼睛,我們早上已在06:52 AM 推薦,今天成交量已達49.19百萬股vs.18.65百萬股(20天均量),若以今天的交易均價$51.38 (=(53.25+49.5)/2),那麽意味有15億6915萬美金跟著我的推薦移動 (49.19M-18.65M)X51.38=$1569.15 Million。(美西時間:13:24 PM 09-16-20)