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美股推薦:Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NUS, 64.63),在$61.90 或低購買(附最新追蹤分析,請不時囘來查看!)
2018/11/09 00:10
Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. (NUS, 64.63) is a direct selling company that develops and distributes personal care products and nutritional supplements, and a range of other products and services. The Company offers anti-aging personal care products and nutritional supplements under its Nu Skin and Pharmanex brands. The Nu Skin brand offers a range of products, including ageLOC Me customized skin care system, ageLOC Spa systems and ageLOC Transformation anti-aging skin care system. The Pharmanex product line includes ageLOC Youth nutritional supplement, ageLOC TR90 weight management and body shaping system, and LifePak nutritional supplements. The Company has operations in various geographic regions, including Greater China, North Asia, Americas, South Asia/Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). It is focused on offering ageLOC Youth nutritional supplement and ageLOC Me personalized skin care system. The Company also offers household products and technology services. Its fiscal 2019 EPS is estimated at $4.15 and 11.2 % over that of 2018. It also provides $1.46 of dividend (yield of 2.2%). In addition, It was at $146.60 in NOV. 2013 and could be a long term investment. Buy it at $61.90 or less , sell it at $80 and stop loss(停損)it at $59.99.


1.投資有風險,務必愼重評估 及 自負後果。


14. NUS近期表現不如GIII及WSM好,可在$66.82或高賣出,改買GIII及WSM。NUS不到一個月獲利7.9%(11/26/2018 07:05 AM 美西時間)

13. 哇,我的天! NUS昨天收盤在$68.90, 我們已經賺了+11.31%。(11/16/2018 05:13 AM 美西時間)

12. 哇,NUS已漲至$67.64 (+2.33%)。(11/14/2018 12:09 PM 美西時間)

11. 哇,NUS已漲至$66.49 (+2.39%)。(11/13/2018 09:57 AM 美西時間)

10. 我在大陸新浪網微博有關NUS的推薦文,來了801人的閲讀。(11/12/2018 20:34 PM 美西時間)

09. 什麽產品在經濟情況不好時仍然需要?化妝品!NUS 還付2.2%的股息,逢低繼續買吧!我繼續持有NUS 。 (11/12/2018 13:04 PM 美西時間)

08. 我們的NUS太厲害了。道指大跌445點,但NUS 仍然逆勢上漲$0.42至$65.44,我們目前繼續持有NUS。(11/12/2018 09:38 AM 美西時間)

07. 繼續在$64.61或低加買NUS,我目前持有NUS。(11/12/2018 09:57 AM 美西時間)

06. 我在大陸新浪網微博有關NUS的推薦文,來了735人的閲讀。(11/10/2018 09:05 AM 美西時間)

05. 哇塞! 昨天道指大跌202點,但我們的NUS卻如有神助暴漲了$3.20(+5.1%)至$65.10,。(11/10/2018 08:48 AM 美西時間)

04. 我們在新浪微博有關NUS推薦文已有406人閲讀。(11/09/2018 00:32 AM 美西時間)

03. NUS在盤後再漲至$63.56,我們從$61.90【夜襲】,已經上漲2.68%。(11/09/2018 10:19 PM 美西時間)

02. 今天NUS的成交量達986,000股比過去五天均量334,000股,多出652,000股,我們若以今天的最高價70.26與今天的最低價61.85,兩者除2=66.06, 再乘以652,000=$43,070,000(70.26+61.85)/2*652K=$43.07M), 誰在那裏猛買?哈哈 (11/08/2018 13:30 PM 美西時間)

01. 哇塞!NUS 從15:40PM 起,居然從$61.90反彈至$62.84 (+1.5%), 買量超120,000股,誰在買啊?哈哈 (11/08/2018 13:15 PM 美西時間)