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首次購屋貸款2017 首次購屋貸款2017 [免費諮詢全程免費]
2017/05/06 21:08



In terms of phasing out the 18 percent preferential savings rate, the Executive Yuan’s version would exempt appointees who receive a monthly pension of less than NT$32,160, while the Examination Yuan’s proposal would allow ministerial appointees to retain the preferential rate should their income replacement rate drop to less than 55 percent over the course of pension reform and other appointees would retain the 18 percent saving rate should their income replacement rate drop t信貸試算excelo less than 70 percent.

The Executive Yuan yesterday approved two draft amendments to reduce pension 信用代款那一間銀行比較好貸benefits for political appointees and public employees, with the drafts outlining larger pension cuts than the Exam汽車分期付款條件i中古車貸利率怎麼算nation Yuan’s versions.

In terms of retirement benefits for political appointees, the Executive Yuan’s amendment would lower the income replacement ratio by 15 percentage points over 15 years. The replacement ratio of ministerial-level appointees would be lowered from 65 percent to 50 percent 新車貸條件and the replacement ratio of other appointees would be lowered from 75 percent to 60 percent.

In terms of civil servants’ and teachers’ pensions, the Executive Yuan’s proposal differs from the Examination Yuan’s only in the category of survivor benefit車貸利率怎麼算s債務協商機制.代辦貸款費用

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In terms of qualification for survivor benefits, the Executive Yuan’s proposal stipulates that underage children or the spouse of a deceased political appointee can receive half the monthly pension paid to the appointee, but the spouse must be aged 65 or older信用瑕疵汽車貸款 and had been married to the appointee for at least 15 years.急需現金周轉卡債協商2017


民間信貸當日放款民間信貸是什麼青年創業貸款率利最低銀行2017The Examination Yuan’s proposals seek smaller cuts, with the replacement ratio of ministerial-level appointees to be lowered from 65 percent房屋貸款利率試算表 to 55 percent over 10 years and that of other appointees to be lowered from 8中古車貸款利率小額貸款ptt0 percent to 70 percent.首次購屋貸款2017

The Examination Yuan’s v信用貸款利率試算e申辦土地貸款銀行代辦貸款公司rsion has similar requirements for survivor benefits, except that spouses would b小額借款快速撥款e entitled to the benefits if they are aged 55 or older and had been married for at least 10 years.

The Executive Yuan approved a draft amendment to the Act Governing the Recompense for the Discharge of Special Political Appointees (政務人員退職撫卹條例) and a draft amendment to 青創貸款計畫書範例the Civil Servant and Teacher Insurance Act (公教人員保險法), which differed from the amendments proposed by the Examination Yuan, although they all seek to phase out an 18 per私人貸款比較2017cent pre民間信貸利率ferential savings rate for retired public employees, lower the income replacement rate, extend the retirement age and increase pension premium rates.

The Examination Yuan’s amendment would entitle the widows銀行汽車貸款缺錢怎麼辦 or widowers of deceased civil servants or teachers to survivor benefits if they are aged 55 or older and had been married for at least two years, while the Executive Yuan’s version sets the age lim台北民間貸款it at 65 with a marriage duration of at least 15 years.

The draft amendments prepared by the Executive Yuan and the Examination Yuan are to be jointly reviewed by the legi高雄借錢管道slature.借錢管道ptt

By Chen Wei-han / Staff rep房屋增貸利率orter

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