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2020/04/26 07:22
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Summer at the seaside Hsu ChiCheng 

As soon as it’s summer, the scorching sun is often high in the sky, the parasol is wide spread, the hot and sultry let us feel like near the stove, most people want to get rid of the sweating circumstance, and go to the seaside.
So, the seaside doesn’t silence as usual, it’s bustle immediately.
It’s blue the sky and sea. Except there are sometimes few cloudlets floating across the sky, the sea water nears the bank is light blue, they are the same blue nearly, especially the place that the more connection the sky with the sea is more the same blue, and also can’t distinguish the more which is the sky which is the sea. The sun sprinkles the powder of the floating gold from the blue sky, gilds the sandy beach and the sea surface nearby all shining the gold.
People are playing on the sandy beach and coastal water, enjoy the happy of the cool and playing limitless.
The person who on the sandy beach, someone collect the shell, catch the crab, build the castle, take stroll, rest, chase, talk, call and laugh, sing etc.. are everywhere. They may walk, stand, take a seat, lie, squat, kneel, spreads everywhere, or single, in pair, in group, in every kind of cool clothing, especially wearing the swim suit the most, all sorts of colour. The parasols are doted far or near, with every kind of colour, exhibit the beautiful posture of the trees, to get rid of the sun for people.
Further more, it’s a piece of moving picture. On the shallows, someone strolling, someone lies in the water, let the wave floated one time after another time, washing, caressing. The deeper place is the world of the swimmers. Some one takes the life belt, lies comfortable on it, let it to rouse and fall by the sea water, as if lied on the cradle during childhood, pushed and swayed slightly by the pushing and swaying hands accompany with the lullaby in a soft voice by the wave. The person who haven’t life belt is the dragon in the water, show every style swimming posture: vertical- swim, breaststroke, butterfly stroke, free style and back stroke… leisurely and carefree; if there is a great wave, covered by it, he will dive into the water, and then appeared again…
Till the setting sun is slanting in the west, dusk painting the western sky into a piece of coloured clouds, people step on their way home also, bring back their comfort , pleasure, leaves seaside for night to reign, for silence to treat…@
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