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2020/04/13 07:48
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The Spray Hsu ChiCheng 

We often can see the sea water arouses many sprays either small or big when we go to the sea side.
It’s aroused by the surging of the sea water, some time it surging severely, made it be rolling forward with powerful momentum, white breakers leaping up to the sky, just as one thousand piles of snow, grand and impressive sight, attract us lost in reverie, give many revelation.
Isn’t the floating world the boundless ocean? For it’s the boundless ocean, why is there not spray? Yes. It is. Not only there is, but also quite big, it often is rolling forward with powerful momentum, grand and impressive sight!
For instance of our country, since the beginning of the world, experiencing of so many change to Qin dynasty, Han dynasty, Tang dynasty, Song dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming dynasty, Qing dynasty, till now, there roused how many beautiful sprays? Those sprays must be covered the sweats of Han, Manchu, Mongols, Hui, Tibetan, Miao, Yao etc. The more specialty must be the Spring and Autumn period, Warring states period, Uprising of the Five Barbarians, Wei-Gen period, Three Kingdoms period, the transmitting of the Buddhism, be in contact with the east and west of Qinq! It’s the period of the most chaos, most surge and also the most fuse. And the strongest, largest and fieriest are the persons of modern, they often surging all together, white breakers leaping up to the sky, just as one thousand piles of snow.
On the floating world originally, the minds of the people are difference on their faces, they stand on each of their position and point of view, there are differences as their view, disputation will appear of course. Disputation daren’t to be afraid, it’s better to get a new result through the surge, link, fuse of disputation each other. It will be a bigger force which can make a break of difficult a layer after a layer, create a new page. Wishing to reach this state, there must have an open circumstances, everyone also must have the wide breath of mind, always to care of other’s point of view, treat others in peace.
Then, be open the circumstances, widen the breath of mind! Be care the other’s point of view, change the disputation into force! Thus, the spray of disputation will be grand and impressive sight certainly! @
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