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訪遊去!書上的知識無法滿足人的心靈需要。到名勝古蹟訪遊,可以擴大知識的領域 ,以實際行動獲得第一手資料。
訪遊去!文化是人類生活經驗的總和,是自古至今綿延不斷,點點滴滴匯聚而成的。 它是個縱剖面。其詳細的橫切面則存在古蹟裡。訪遊古蹟,可以沉浸深入古時當代的橫切面,去觀賞當時的風俗習慣,撿拾當時的遺跡,點數先人的腳印,得到許多先人的智慧結晶,獲知先人奮鬥的艱辛,心生感激,思所以承先啟後。
訪遊去!大自然是一本讀之不盡、訪之有餘的大書,由造物的妙筆寫成的,比任何一本用文字寫成的書都博大精深;名勝則為其抽樣。不管是名山,是大川,不論是山水 ,是花草樹木,都有造物的妙諦在,潛藏的智慧在。去訪遊,去細讀,可以得到大自 然的妙趣,滿足心靈對知識的渴念,平撫心中的皺紋,掃除心中的陰霾。
訪遊去!尤其是春天到了,天氣溫暖,和風送爽,風光明媚,百花盛開,鳥語花香, 正是最好的訪遊時候。去吧!訪遊去!

Let’s go to visit Hsu ChiCheng 

Let’s go to visit! Let’s go to visit scenic spot and historic spot!
Let’s go to visit! Hide in home all day long whole year long will be in the sulks, to relax yourself is necessary.
Let’s go to visit! The knowledge on book can’t satisfy mind’s need of a person. To go to visit scenic spot and historic spot can enlarge the field of knowledge, obtain first means with real action.
Let’s go to visit! Culture is the sum of human’s life experience, extends ceaselessly from ancient to now, collected by drop and dot. It’s a vertical section. The details of cross section are stored in historic spot. To visit historic spot can be deep immersed in the time of cross section of ancient, to appreciate custom and habit at that time, collect the remains at that time, count the footprints of ancestor, obtain wisdom crystallize of many ancestor, know the hardship of ancestor’s strive, and be graceful for them in mind, think to follow up the past and usher in the future.
Let’s go to visit! Nature is a big book we can’t read all over and visiting have a surplus, written by Creator’s wonderful pen, more abundant than any book writing with characters; scenic spot is a sampling of them. No matter of famous mountain or big river, in spite of mountain and water, in spite of flower, grass or tree, they exist all of the miraculous truths, hidden wisdom. To visit, to read carefully, we can obtain the wisdom of the nature, satisfy the thirst for knowledge of mind, smooth the wrinkles of the mind, cleanup the daze of mind.
Let’s go to visit! Let’s go to visit scenic spot and historic spot.
Let’s go to visit! Particularly spring is come, warmth is the weather, gentle breeze blows, scene is bright and charming, hundred flowers are bloomed, sing the bird and fragrant the flower, it’s just the best time for visiting. Go! Let’s go to visit!@
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