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Hello, Little 4, Come Meet and Hug Big 40!
2019/04/19 23:56

Hello, Little 4, Come Meet and Hug Big 40!

by Camilla Wu

Hi, Little 4,

I have enjoyed the time being with you.

Although, you have made me extremely busy,

and have challenged my understanding and patience

from time to time.

I still want to tell you that I do treasure the time with you around.

Come give your Big 40 big big kisses and hugs!

Let me also read you a paragraph from a nice book

to guarantee my being able to keep my promise

as your forever support!

“Watching the stars” is qualitatively diffrerent from “looking at the stars.” Adults look, see, and quickly move on to what “has to” be done. Children watch the stars with wonder and anticipation. Allowing our children to teach us new ways of seeing the world creates a dynamic family experience in which we can all learn  and grow together.

        by Dorothy Law Nolte from Children Learn What They Live

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