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The 5-Paragraph Essay
2021/05/28 13:53

We have all heard it and been through it. From our firming school years, we have always been taught that the usual structure for an essay follows the five paragraph rule. These paragraphs include an introduction, three main body paragraphs and a conclusion.  Many students employ experiences essay writers and services that offer  essay writer  services for their academic work.  But, is it worth it? Do we really need this conventional five paragraph essay structure?

We are not saying that there should be no five paragraph essays but we are saying that we should not restrict the students.

The structure is considered as the training wheels for more complex  essay writing service  but does it really train the students for higher level writing? We dont think so.

If it was true then no student would have ever turned to custom writing companies to get an answer to their request.

We know that there could be other reasons like lack of time or other important tasks but still, insufficient writing is one of the main reasons. Following are some cons of this universally accepted essay structure.

The structure restricts creativity by presenting a rigid structure. Word and paragraph limits plays at the back of the students mind and as a result, he is forced to restrict his thoughts.

The structure does not allow the students to explore the essay topic properly. They are handed down the rules and instead of working on finding more about it, they just stick to one or two ideas.  Prewriting is as important as writing itself in any  write my essay  task . Therefore, instead of just jumping to the writing part, invest some time thinking and planning about your essay.

This does not prepare the students for college and higher level writing tasks. Once they are out of school, they have to write lengthy and more focused essays and paper, which becomes difficult for them.

The students do not connect with their work. They only focus on writing and getting done with it, which is wrong and destroys the students voice.

5-paragraph essays are extremely boring to write and read and where an  essay writer  is bored while writing it, for teachers, it is nothing more than a routine and dull task.

Once the students develop a habit of it, it becomes difficult for them to adapt the nire descriptive and detailed style of writing.

Good writing needs to flow and a 5-paragraph rigid structure restricts this flow, which is bad for the students and hinders their learning process.

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2樓. slitherio
2021/10/05 16:17

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2021/09/04 17:34

Thank you! I look forward to seeing more posts from you, this is what I was looking for.

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