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Whitening coup let you immediately white
2017/11/21 15:44

1: dry, dry

Some people are quite fortunate to be born with white meats, but unfortunately they are not translucent, mostly due to dry, dehydrated, rough skin and the initial aging. As long as the skin's transparency is not enough, you can not show the perfect bright white skin, which in addition to dry, skin disorder, the overlap of the cuticle overlap, but also with the transparency of the cuticle itself is closely related. In healthy state, the stratum corneum will show the transparency and make the light perspective, the skin will appear white and many; the other hand, if the stratum corneum metabolism is not normal, it will cause the keratin accumulation which is too close, the skin feels Will be crude.
To deal with dry and white countermeasures:
• Highlight keratin repair and avoid the promotion of keratinocyte components (such as salicylic acid, acid, and acid derivatives).
● Choose moisturizing formulations (lotions, creams), or moisturizing ingredients rich in water, in addition to moisturizing type moisturizer.
● can be combined with calm and soothing ingredients to prevent the inflammatory reaction when dry Dream beauty pro.

2: pigmentation
Basically young pigmentation will gradually disappear, because under normal circumstances, melanin melanin will be transferred from melanocytes to keratinocytes, with the process of keratosis, let melanin from the bottom of the skin has been pushed outward to the stratum corneum , Finally with old waste horny stripped together. However, with the different age and physical, desalination time will be elongated, metabolic deterioration, natural pigment will be more difficult to disappear. People who want to try the medical cosmetology laser treatment should also take good care of the fragile skin after surgery. Once the scabs are peeled off, they should diligently protect the sun and make them more dense whitening. Moreover, the temperature of bathing water should not be too high to prolong the swelling period, otherwise, Bad week, there is no whitening muscle, but in exchange for uneven pigmentation it Dream beauty pro hard sell!
Deal with pigmentation whitening countermeasures:
• Emphasize the promotion of deep-repair components to promote deposition of pigment removal.
Soothing anti-inflammatory, preventing pigmentation.
● strengthen anti-oxidant maintenance.
3: Pores are thick
Pores, in addition to genetic factors, oily skin easily clogged pores because of grease dirt, so, the pores will benefit obvious. In addition, with age, the elastic fibers in the dermis, gum protein will collapse, will also contribute to the generation of aging pores. In addition, do not ignore the pressure caused by adult pox, a Korean Medical Center clinical study found that over 25% of women over 46% of people because of stress, fatigue, menstrual cycles, and even pregnancy, endocrine disorders occur , Easy and then prone to cheeks, chin and lip weeks "adult pox" problem. Without proper treatment and not squeeze the case, the problem of coarse pores will naturally appear.

Whitening countermeasures against the pores:
● promote keratinocyte metabolism, prevent keratin accumulation large pores Dream beauty pro.
● Optional fresh water-based formulations to reduce oil secretion and accumulation.
● Both compact maintenance effect, to prevent pore aging loose Dream beauty pro.
● with immediate effect to fill the pores modified better.
So, to make the skin perfect whitening, then you need to know more about some related knowledge. In the whitening of the skin, pick some suitable for their skin care products, this will also make your skin care more effective. Healthy skin, can not do without your careful conservation. Whitening the skin, but also need you to understand some of the right ways.
So if we really mastered the above whitening method, I believe, you will no longer worry about their whitening, the previous effect is not good MM, may wish to try Xiao Bian recommended for you coup. I believe the results will surprise you.