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Finished flower
2014/01/06 15:38

Once all can't imagine these things so clearly remember, like always thought a tree leaf is confined to the north of the thing, will never have any intersection with yourself, but to truly see or very regrets, shock in pure gold beauty, and now shake in memory of terror. Really, when I recall the time had some "hate" ah "Bitch" ah word really naive, just laugh it off, but it is difficult to pick up the mood.

When in the southwest of China, you will never feel for dialect deterrence, never occur in the street heard someone take Sichuan words of kindness embroidery logo, never think of hometown charm is much, but in the north they always become a reality. Here, in the northern part of the country, you will feel is a new beginning, can put the past away, but I realized I am a kite has a line in the southwest of China, that is, once the memories.

The past can never imagine yourself right now, is now can't imagine yourself in the future, but only know when something have be hardly worthy of belief happens, life is a circle, along the way we will always return to the origin, only the tortuous degree different, or we have experienced several parabolic, fewer smooth, but in the end the ball in balance at the time of the friction, let all the uniform motion.

A tree leaf. This is a day off slowly, but when you get used to it, you'll find out this really and before all are too different, perhaps it is recalled in the play, but it is hard to get back on the picture of the sunset.

In the north, in the corner away from the southwest of China cloud, met once fantasy things, is pure, is beautiful, its existence is all I have, good and bad, smile don't smile, will be condensed into a golden yellow, to pay homage to have attached to the tree -- so xiang.

So, from Southwest China to you, or that sentence:

I want you to know, there is always a person is waiting for you in this world, no matter at what time, no matter where, anyway you know, always have such a person CCIBA.