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programmatic buyingis a method of buying and selling
2018/10/30 10:43

  Alma Media provides a secure, transparent and high-quality environment for programmatic buying. Our goal is to provide customers with an optimally effective environment for carrying out programmatic campaigns. To this end, we continuously develop programmatic buying channels and options to ensure that advertisers can leverage the opportunities presented by technology in as versatile a manner as possible.

Pinpointing your target customers through Programmatic Buyand online advertising strategies.our specialists will help to maximise results by focusing on the right person at the right time.

  We also engage in close cooperation with the customer in the area of programmatic campaigns to make their practical implementation and monitoring as easy and productive as possible from the customer’s perspective.

  Why use programmatic buying?

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  programmatic buying is a buying method that suits almost all scenarios. In private auctions in particular, Alma Media offers nearly the same inventory as it does through traditional direct sales.

  programmatic buying emphasises especially efficiency, broad selection of of targeting options and real-time campaign optimization

  Alma Media invests strongly in data-driven service and experience

  Alma Media, a media company focusing on digital services and publishing, will deploy Salesforce DMp (Data Management platform). The deployment will strengthen the development of the data-driven customer experience of Alma’s content and services as well as marketing automation and the targeting of digital advertising.

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