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stopped and called
2016/05/05 10:01:43
One very hot day, when a carabao went into the river to bathe Quality hotels in Hong Kong, he met a shell and they began talking together.

  "You are very slow," said the carabao to the shell.

  "Oh, no," replied the shell. "I can beat you in a race."

  "Then let us try and see," said the carabao.

  So they went out on the bank and started to run hk service apartments for rent.

  After the carabao had gone a long distance he stopped and called, "Shell!"

  And another shell lying by the river answered, "Here I am!"

  Then the carabao, thinking that it was the same shell with which he was racing, ran on.

  By and by he stopped again and called, "Shell!"

  And another shell answered, "Here I am!"

  The carabao was surprised that the shell could keep up with him. But he ran on and on, and every time he stopped to call, another shell answered him. But he was determined that the shell should not beat him ud zephyrus v2, so he ran until he dropped dead.