2021/01/09 17:08:24

When the "insurrection" took place at Capitol Hill, I found some netizens, from either Taiwan or China Mainland, using subject idiom to describe such an unimaginable scene would have happened to an old-style, typical democratic country like the US. 

But those behind the key board picked an inappropriate usage.  Well, the idiom should be referred to a situation that people knock their socks off when they are awestruck by a spledid, magnificient scene that they have never seen before and will probably not see it again.  So such a scene implies a good, beautiful one, instead of the ugly things like that happened at Washington DC, nor on the even more ugly Sun Flower Movement made by a band of raucous, brainless youngsters in 2014. 

A similar misnomer popped out of my mind.  Once that corrupt A-bian used "罄竹難書" to boast of the feats he did.  Ha!