2020/10/17 22:10:07


Such a horrendous tragedy was just a miniature of the civil war in the late 40s.  The feud between CCP and KMT had been so long and so deep that made the winner have to exterminate the loser root and branch at that time. (For a lofty cause, China should be liberated then, and what Chiang regime did had been proved a complete failure.)  Now the situation across the strait is quite different.  CCP and DPP, or people of Taiwan and Chinese Mainlanders, have had no real feud at all, so they do not have to make themselves sworn enemies with each other.

Dear islanders, blame it on DPP politicians if they continue to hew the line of confrontation.  When the day comes, those ringleaders will surely seek protection from America, (I think Jap dares not accept them.)  and leave you guys high and dry on the island.  My advice is to stay put, man.  You absolutely need not to act like those victims on that overloaded liner 70 years ago, for everything will remain unchanged except Taidu and Dutai.