欺師滅祖之人, 焉能為他下半旗?
2020/08/03 14:08:22

In Chinese tradition, "欺師滅祖" may be one of the most unforgivable crimes a person may commit.  That Jap Li is "entitled" to receive such a censure, for he cheated his master Chiang Ching-Kuo in the first place, then betrayed his ancestor Chinese nation.  Well, what kind of the title he deserves?  Quisling, nothing else. 

Now Wonky Cai ordered all concerned to perform half-mast for Jap Li, a guy who deep down in his heart has never recognized that flag, the most important national emblem.  For crying out loud!

Yesterday I got a piece of message from LINE that a high school in Taipei refused to take the order of half-mast, and claimed the school will not hoist up national flag during summer vacation.  Ha!