2020/07/21 12:47:39

During the lunch time last Friday, I was watching CNN breaking news on the death of an African-American representive of the House.  The news had  lasted for over an hour, from which I know the representive, John Lewis at 80, was a (black) human-right activist during 60s, second to Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.  Amid the demonstrations Lewis was once almost killed by the batons from white police.  Nevertheless, he is always calling for "Unite America; I love my country."  Well, he indeed deserves an American hero. 


Later I found Rep John Lewis had recorded a video, supporting the violence and vandalism those HKers rioters did last year, in which his beloved America was the main hidden sponsor behind the scene, and the purpose of the riot itself was nothing to do with human rights, not at all, but for independence of HK from its own country: China.   Mr Lewis, you are an American hero all right, but you are also a politician holding double standard toward the thing that is none of your business.