"你打你的, 我打我的"
2020/07/20 11:59:21

"You fight your battle, and I fight mine."  is a piece of famous quote by Chairman Mao.

In these days, Sino-American relationship in all aspects have been exacerbating.  The day before yesterday, Ms Hua Chunyin, the spokeperson of Foreign Affairs, cited the verses of "莫聽穿林打葉聲,何妨吟嘯且徐行。" to express Chinas attitude toward the all-round, irrational challenges from the US and its followers.  Such an attitude inherits from the teaching of Mao above-mentioned.

FYI Please read subject immortal poem of Su Shi again, my previous translation of it as well at http://blog.udn.com/kkuo0810/132819351