2019/11/26 13:15:16

In the trip to Xinjiang late last month and early this month, we were touring from place to place on the SUV during daytime everyday.  By the time after we checked into the hotels in the evenings, we were too tired to engage in any "nocturnal" activities any more but to stay at rooms watching TV. 

Throughout the nights in hotels I watched subject series "激情的歲月" from CCTV, a TV drama you may think it a "dogmatically stereotyped propaganda".  Well, I would rather think it an educational drama full of high spirit of patriotism.  It captures the process of how did China Mainland successfully accomplish the seismic task of her first A-bomb in 1064 under extremely adverse circumstances.  For example, the scientists could only use abacus to verify the complicated formelas and to compute numerous figures. 

The playwriters must not cook up the storylines of subject drama.  The main protagonists must have their prototypes, more or less.  Attached below is the story of Dr Zheng Jiaxian, whose story may have been adapted for the drama.


PS You could watch the drama on Youtube; here is one of the series, #29, focusing on the day of explosion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULjsi3_Tlds&t=1529s