2019/11/25 13:25:23

Last evening I watched two final table tennis games of T2 2019 Singapre on Youtube.  The man single was the match between Xu Xin(許昕), that ping pong "artist" from China Mainland, and Lin Yun-Ju(林昀儒), the young "silent assassin" from Chinese Taipei.  Both athletes are leftists, and Xu finally beat Lin 4-0 in that highly commercial tournament.  Lin is just a young high school student, neverthless, he always shows his equanimity, even a little shyness in the game; without expressing any mood of ecstasy or disappointment.  He is a good boy, a prospect of table tennis for Taiwan.  I suggest Lin be sent to Mainland and become a pupil to a master coach of China, and someday he will get to the top in ping pong world.    

Then I watched the game between Mia Ito(伊藤美誠) from Japan and Sun Yingsha(孫穎莎) of China Mainland, two post-millennium young ladies.  Ito is now the only threat to the predominace of China women table tennis in the world.  Though she won only one title in 2019 opens, she could beat her Chinese counterparts every once in a while.  But not over the last ball in last evening.  Sun beat Ito 4-3, and due to the special rule in the last set, Sun won 5-4 over Ito in "scrambling for five"(FAST 5), so Ito was only one point shy to the champion, a reward of 100 thousand US dollar as well.  (Not bad a prize it is for table tennis.)