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Some so-and-so in Yungzhou stood in awe of the superstitious date taboo, espeically those inauspicious dates.  He thought that he was born in year of Zi; as being the deity of Zi, rat became his animal sign of the zodiac.  Therefore, he pampered rats, kept no cats and dogs in his house, banned page boys from hitting rats.  Let all of his barns and kitchens be overrun with rats and let it be without taking any action.    



The information was rapidly passed one after another among the rats.  They all came to the house of a conniving master so to enjoy eating to their taste without any fear.   Then the house contained no intact utensils, no intact clothes on the hangers, and most of food were the scraps left by the rats.  In the daytime, the rats walked side by side with humans; while in the night-time, stealthily they gnawed through everything and fought against one another.  Thus they always made queer and noxious noises, making people unable to sleep tight.  Nevertheless, the so-and-so still appeared nonchalant about such an intolerable situation.



Many years later, the so-and-so moved to other place, and there came a new owner of the house.  The rats still acted just as they were used to be. The exasperated new owner said, “Those bad things belong to the dark and damp, how have they dared commit act of steal, squander, and vandalism just like entering an unpeopled land?”   So he borrowed several cats from others, shut the doors, moved out clay containers, and poured water into rat’s dens.  Then he hired hands, seeking to find and catch rats everywhere in the house.  The bodies of thus slaughtered rats could be piled up as high as a small hill.  The malodorous smell of the dead bodies dissipated months later in the far back of beyond.


Alas!  Those rats think they could forever live in clover. Ha!

PS To those Taidu and Kongdu advocates: does the article enlighten you about your ultimate destiny?  Remember this: “別看今日鬧的歡,當心明天拉清單“