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Run of the (tread)mill
2021/08/05 03:34:14
The weight room’s big-screen TV conked out last night. That was not cool, because then instead of losing myself in a Twins game, the only thing I had to occupy myself was the mirror, in which I could view my poor running form and the ever-changing shades of red in my face. Because it’s hotter and muggier than Hell up there, it felt like I was running through baked, slimy Saran Wrap. It got to the point where I was actually getting very, very cross with my treadmill: “Are you mocking me? Screw you! Piece of Crap!” I felt it was disrespecting me and my quest to run for longer than 3 minutes without passing out.

Oh, and also, Jason fiddled with the fan, so he didn’t start running until my timer said 1:08, but yet we FINISHED AT THE SAME TIME. My machine said 30:00, his machine said 30:00. Not possible, unless my machine is EVIL and HATES me and possibly WANTS TO KILL ME by giving me a HEART ATTACK.