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Fantasy vs. Reality
2021/07/29 06:20:16
Fantasy: Soaking in a nice hot bubble bath
Reality: Inhaling the stench of perfume my co-worker apparently bathed in

Fantasy: Sitting on the couch snuggling with the cats
Reality: Listening to catty co-workers complain

Fantasy: Wasting the day away watching soap operas
Reality: Listening to far-fetched gossip about my boss

Fantasy: Spending the day writing and reading
Reality: Spending the day writing endless proposals and reading grammar-deficient letters from the sales staff

Fantasy: Living in a world where time does not matter
Reality: Having to do the work of 3 people in 1/3 the time necessary

Fantasy: Getting an unexpected present from Super Bitchy Sales Rep
Reality: Having SBSR tell me she’s going to give me a present, preparing myself to stab her if said present is actually “work,” and having her give me a nice gift from a vendor