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Introducing The Bulgari Octo Finissimo S With Silvered Dial
2021/03/14 19:10:51

Quick Take

Measurements, prices, materials, and technical innovations are what I want to know most when I read a press release about a watch. The rest is typically marketing speak. Sparing you as much of that as possible is something I consider to be part of my job. But allow me to break form for a moment and share what I found right at the top of a recent one announcing this years crop of Bulgari Octo Finissimo watches: "The Watchmaking Icon Of The XXIst Century." Watch Replicas

Thats pretty bold, I thought. But then I considered the Octo Finissimos peerless combination of record-breaking thinness across multiple models, its captivating design, and its seemingly unending introduction of complicated models. The transformative effect the Octo Finissimo has had on how watch enthusiasts see Bulgari as a brand is obvious to anyone whos been paying attention. To me, for these reasons, the Octo Finissimo is the new watch design that stands out most in the past 20 years. 

But the Octo Finissimo hasnt always been a perfect sport watch, even if it looked the part. Thirty meters of water-resistance doesnt inspire confidence for swimming, for example. Last year, Bulgari addressed this with black-dialed and blue-dialed versions of the Octo Finissimo S in satin polished steel, which added a slightly thicker case and a screw-down crown in exchange for a full 100 meters of water resistance. Bulgari had already notched so many important records for thinness that it could now turn its attention to making the Octo Finissimo that enthusiasts could wear every day and treat like proper sport watches.

Today, we have a new monochromatic take on the Octo Finissimo S. Like the previous two versions, this highly water resistant steel Octo Finissimo has a satin-polished stainless steel case and bracelet. But unlike the black dial and blue dial of last years offerings, this year we have a vertical-brushed dial in the same color. The newest Octo Finissimos thickness (6.4mm), diameter (40mm), and of course water resistance (100 meters) are all the same as the two versions that came out last year. Inside, were treated to the same BVL 138 automatic movement with micro-rotor, which nicely fills out the expanse of the see-through caseback while coming in at a paltry 2.23mm thick. It may not be the thinnest Octo Finissimo Bulgaris ever made, but Id happily trade the extra thickness separating this and the standard Octo Finissimo Automatic in steel for 70 additional meters of water resistance. IWC Replica 

Initial Thoughts

What makes the latest Octo Finissimo S new is its monochromatic dial with vertical brushing, which plays beautifully off the radially brushed bezel. I think its the best-looking of the 100-meter-resistant Octo Finissimos that have so far come out, and by quite some margin. 

Beyond being a sport watch, the Octo Finissimo is a design watch. Its incredibly geometric and architectural for a timepiece that manages such a compact profile. Viewed from above or the side, it has the characteristics of a compressed Art Deco tower, a detail that I think accounts for why many people are drawn to it.

Bulgari is a design-forward brand, of course. It has used the Octo Finissimo as a platform to collaborate with the internationally renowned architect Tadao Ando. While the black and blue dials channel the sport side of the Octo Finissimo just fine, the new monochromatic dial you see here leans into the design-y side of Octo Finissimo. Theres no color pop or contrast – just an understated presentation of whats become a modern classic among watch designs, and now you can wear it every day and even get it wet without thinking too much about it.


This isnt the only new 100-meter-resistant Octo Finissimo dropping today. Theres also a new steel version of the Octo Finissimo Chronograph GMT, my favorite Octo Finissimo thus far. We have the full story on that one too.