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Introducing The Zenith Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Silver
2021/03/14 18:58:15

Quick Take

Pilot watches from early last century have a very specific aesthetic thats difficult to stray from without breaking the link to early aviation. But Zeniths latest creation manages to sneak in a sterling silver case and dial – a first for Zenith.

Silver as a case material is quite rare, and when it is used in watchmaking, its typically whats referred to as "fine silver," or 99.9% silver. Sterling silver rings in at 92.5% silver, and the remainder is another metal like copper or nickel. Its important to note, however, that sterling silver was commonly used in jewelry and even silverware in the early 1900s, so thematically, its the perfect choice for a watch thats meant to evoke the era of Louis Blériot, who famously flew across the English Channel for the first time ever in 1909 with a Zenith watch strapped to his wrist. Cheap Replica Watches

Initial Thoughts

The aluminum panels of vintage aircraft are held together using rivets, which are excellent at not only fastening two pieces of metal together, but also at absorbing shear on the body of the airplane. The dial of this watch borrows the look of rivets dotting a classic aircrafts lustrous aluminum panels. While it might be on the nose for a watch named "Pilot," it certainly lends an interesting visual element and a bit of unexpected character. At 45mm, this is a large watch – and it takes a certain character to pull it off. 


Inside the sterling silver case is the El Primero caliber 4069, a movement thats infrequently used, but that fits the application perfectly. Why? Well the lack of a date, of course (watches didnt have date complications until later than 1909). On the caseback, theres an engraving honoring Zeniths tight-knit relationship with aviation – after all, this is the brand that holds the trademark on the name "Pilot" for a watch. Panerai Replicas