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Key to Exercise 7, The New Pali Course (Part I)
2020/05/23 03:23

Key to Exercise 7, The New Pali Course (Part I)




Translate into English


1. Ahaṃ mayhaṃ puttassa assaṃ adadiṃ.

I gave a horse to my son.


2. Tvaṃ amhākaṃ gāmā āgacchasi.

You come from our village.


3. Mayaṃ tava hatthe passāma.

We see your hands.

(Let us see your hands.)


4. Mama puttā giriṃ āruhiṃsu.

My sons ascended the mountain.


5. Tumhākaṃ sunakhā magge sayiṃsu.

Your dogs slept on the road.


6. Amhaṃ mittā coraṃ asinā pahariṃsu.

Our friends struck the thief with a sword.


7. Tumhaṃ dāsā arīnaṃ asse hariṃsu.

Your slaves carried the horses of the enemies.


8. Coro mama puttassa maṇayo coresi.

The thief stole my son’s gems.


9. Isayo mayhaṃ gehe na vasiṃsu.

The sages did not live in my house.


10. Kavi tava puttānaṃ dhammaṃ desesi.

The poet preached the doctrine to your sons.


11. Amhesu kodho natthi.

There is no anger in us.


12. Tumhe vāṇijassa mayūre kiṇittha.

You bought the merchant’s peacocks.


13. Mayaṃ bhūpatino mige vikkiṇimha.

We sold the deer to the king.

(We sold the king’s deer.)

[英文 deer 的複數仍是 deer


14. Gahapatino putto maṃ pahari.

The householder’s son beat me.

[此句 beat 是過去式]


15. Adhipatino dāsā mama goṇe pahariṃsu.

The lord’s slaves struck my oxen.


16. Ahaṃ tumhākaṃ vīhī na gaṇhiṃ.

I did not take your paddies.


17. Dīpī gāmamhā na dhāvi.

The leopard did not run from the village.


18. Tumhe ahayo na māretha.

You do not kill the serpents.

(Don’t kill the serpents.)


19. Mayaṃ atithīnaṃ odanaṃ pacimha.

We cooked rice for the guests.


20. Kapayo maṃ āhāraṃ yāciṃsu.

The monkeys begged me for food.



Translate into Pali


1. I sold my gems to a merchant.

Ahaṃ mama maṇayo vāṇijassa /vāṇijāya vikkiṇiṃ.


2. We gave our oxen to the slaves.

Mayaṃ dāsānaṃ amhākaṃ goṇe dadimha.


3. You bought a sword from me.

Tvaṃ mayā asiṃ kiṇo.


4. (You) don't beat monkeys with your hands.

Tumhe tumhākaṃ hatthehi kapayo na paharatha.


5. The leader brought a lion from the mountain.

Adhipati girimhā sīhaṃ āhari.


6. The monk preached the doctrine to you.

Muni tumhaṃ /tuyhaṃ dhammaṃ desesi.


7. We gave food to the serpents.

Mayaṃ ahīnaṃ āhāraṃ dadimha.


8. The slaves of the householder carried our paddy.

Gahapatino dāsā amhākaṃ vīhiṃ hariṃsu.


9. You did not go to the sea.

Tvaṃ udadhiṃ na gaccho.


10. There are no gems in my fist.

Mama muṭṭhimhi maṇayo na bhavanti.


11. The poet's son struck the dog with a stick.

Kavino putto yaṭṭhinā sunakhaṃ pahari.


12. Our sons learnt from the sage.

Amhākaṃ puttā isinā uggaṇhiṃsu.


13. Your monkey fell down from a tree.

Tava kapi rukkhamhā pati.


14. My dog went with me to the house.

Mama sunakho mayā /me gehaṃ gacchi.


15. A serpent bit my son's hand.

Ahi mama puttassa hatthaṃ ḍasi.


16. The leopard killed a bull on the road.

Dīpī magge goṇaṃ māresi.


17. My friends looked at the lions.

Mayhaṃ mittā sīhe olokesuṃ.


18. We did not see the king's sword.

Mayaṃ bhūpatino asiṃ na passimha.


19. I did not go to the deer.

Ahaṃ migaṃ na gacchiṃ.


20. Thou buyest a peacock from the poet.

Tvaṃ kavimhā mayūraṃ kiṇāsi.