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Key to Exercise 2, The New Pali Course (Part I)
2020/05/23 01:43

Key to Exercise 2, The New Pali Course (Part I)




Translate into English


1. Purisassa goṇo.

The man’s ox.


2. Manussānaṃ hatthā.

The hands of human beings.

The hands of the people.


3. Ākāsamhi sakuṇā.

The birds in the sky.


4. Buddhassa dhammo.

The Buddha’s doctrine.


5. Mañcesu manussā.

The people on/in the beds.


6. Assānaṃ pādā.

The feet of the horses.


7. Rukkhe sakuṇo.

The bird on the tree.


8. Pāsāṇamhi goṇo.

The ox on the rock.


9. Lokasmiṃ manussā.

People in the world.


10. Bhūpālassa dīpā.

The king’s islands/lamps.



Translate into Pali


1. The body of the ox.

Goṇassa kāyo.


2. The bird on the tree.

Rukkhe /Rukkhamhi /Rukkhasmiṃ sakuṇo.


3. The island of the world.

Lokassa dīpo.


4. With the feet of the man.

Narassa pādehi /pādebhi.


5. By the hand of the monkey.

Vānarassa hatthena.


6. Of the birds in the sky.

Ākāse /Ākāsamhi /Ākāsasmiṃ sakuṇānaṃ.


7. In the doctrine of the Buddha.

Buddhassa dhamme /dhammamhi /dhammasmiṃ.


8. The villages of the king.

Bhūpālassa gāmā.


9. The birds from the tree.

Rukkhā /Rukkhasmā /Rukkhamhā sakuṇā.


10. The horse on the path.

Magge asso.