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To The People Who I love ...
2006/02/20 23:07

    To The people Who I Love ...

    You are unique As I know .
    No one can bring into being the thoughts, the beliefs,

        the love, and the sharing that you can.

        Know who you are and follow the path that allows for

        the expression of life that can only come from within You  

        You can change the world.
        You have at your command a vast array of talents,

    perhaps as yet undiscovered,
    ready to create that which you wish.

    Look for what makes your heart quiver.
    Look to make it better.

    You feel that empathy because within you there is a knowledge .

                that reaches out from the depths of your soul,

    answers struggling to be brought forth.


    Joy will invade you as you give free rein to that which is you
    and that which is highest and most noble.

    Look to bring that joy to where joy is not.

    Some people live within the darkness of their thoughts,
    not knowing other realities are possible.

    Love is everywhere, everything.

    You need not search for it, simply recognize it.

    The perfection of a drift of clouds,
    the softness of a child’s hand holding yours,
    a thirst-quenching drink of water, 
    the beauty of an old woman's face,
    the majesty of an oak tree --
    They are all saying, "I love you" in their own way.

    Let love overwhelm you.

    Express love in all you do

        from the humblest task to your highest aspiration.

        Imagine a world where everyone did the same.

         Help make it happen... My Dear Love  

                                                        PS: La La La ....Mean I Love U 


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5樓. jenn~吹風版兒
2007/09/28 01:37
you are the light of the world

you are the light of the world
and as such, you are here to use your light to heal,
transform and transfigure anything unlike peace, love, harmony and good will.
that we all may have moments of peace..and more peace

you don't have to do anything more than this
jsut shine your light. turn it on
you heal and transform the entire world around you by turning on your light!
you don't have to warn the darkness that you are coming with the light.
just shine your light!
you are the light of world , and so it is..

4樓. passession
2006/07/06 14:12

To the world you might

      be one person,

but to the one person you

        just might be the world !

2006/06/20 16:36




        愛 , 和那分享你能。






從 humblest 工作到你最高的熱望。


         幫忙使它發生。。。 我的親愛愛

                                                        PS: La La La....意謂我愛 你

2樓. 幫保室
2006/05/08 10:31
ㄟ 看不太懂

ㄟ 看不太懂



1樓. 龍公主 花開花落
2006/02/24 23:03
To The people Who I Love
To The people Who I Love