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美國實力歌姬[娜妲莉.高]──靈魂/R&B抒情曲──[Hold On/堅持]
2021/03/06 00:18

美國實力歌姬[娜妲莉.高]──靈魂/R&B抒情曲──[Hold On/堅持]

You know, of all the things in the world Id miss

It would probably be music and love

They say you dont know what youve got til its gone

Thats so true

Even though we still take it for granted

And I used to be like that but not anymore

Cause I found out what love really means

Love means happiness and dedication

Love will sometimes bring complications

But you must have faith and a whole lot of trust

Most of all you can never give up just

(Hold on, hold on)

Hold on to your good thing, yeah

(Hold on, hold on) forget about the small things

(Hold on, hold on) do it for love, do it for love

And remember that love is a feeling

But its also an action, yes

Youve got to give sometime

If you want to get back some, well

And when all the kings horses

And even all the kings men

Cant put it together again

That is exactly when youve got to

(Hold on, hold on) hold on to what youve got

Its the little things that mean alot

(Hold on, hold on) do it for love, do it for love

In spite of everything, no matter what

Youve got to h-o-l-d on (you gotta hold on)

Hold on, hmm, hmm, hmm, ooh, oh, oh

Youre so hard headed

Cause you feel that youre right

Well, tell me how you gonna feel

In the middle of the night

All alone, all alone

I know, I know

It doesnt matter whos right or wrong

If you feel so inclined

To blame that shame on someone else

Ooh, stop and think about it

Point the finger at yourself

Ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo, hoo

Hold on to your good thing (hold on)

Forget about the small (hold on) things

(Hold on) and hold on

Hold on, oh hold on (hold on)

Real tight in spite of everything

Hold on (hold on)

When you feel like walking out that door


美國歌姬娜妲莉.高(Natalie Cole)1975年出道後一砲而紅


可是進入80年代後 她的事業下滑

1980年5月 30歲的高推出第六張個人大碟[Don’t Look Back](Capitol出版)


製作人除長期伙伴Chuck JacksonMarvin Yancy外 還加入猶太裔情歌聖手Michael Masser, 只是樂評普通。

首支單曲[Someone That I Used To Love]登上美國Billboard單曲榜#21。



1980年夏天, 娜妲莉推出第二單曲[Hold On/堅持]

Kevin Yancy, Marvin Yancy, 與高三人創作

Gene Barge Marvin Yancy製作成一首靈魂/R&B抒情曲

在柔緩節奏間, 高以深情投入的唱腔演繹。

Hold On]並沒打入美國Billboard單曲榜, 只拿到副榜-靈魂榜#38

由於單曲表現差強人意, 專輯銷售不佳

只登上Billboard流行榜#77 靈魂榜#17 創下個人事業新低

接下來 娜妲莉連續三張皆表現不佳 並染上酗酒惡習