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You are perfect, I can't be happier.
2014/03/31 08:13

It's so lucky to merry kevin who is my number one.

Kevin is perfect,I can't be happier.

I met Kevin when that moment,I do believe that Kevin and I will have a good life.

Our dream will come true someday. Just to be together to support each other then creat

the new life we want.

Time goes fast,our children grow up to be beautiful, wise,smart, thoughtful,sweet,pretty

girls.They will own their family,creat their beautiful good life. How happy we are.

We have come home a couple of days. It's cold here. my neighbor told me this winter was

very very cold. Our car was too long time to drive then battery has run down. My neighbor

Steve helped us to buy new one.( Thanks ! Steve've been a big help.) Fortunately,Kevin

fixed the car we have. To change new battery in the car. It's so unbelievable.He did very

well. Way To Go !!

Kevin is always my number one.

Ha ! Ha ! Kevin is perfect, I can't be happier.

Yea ~ Yea~ Yea ~


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1樓. 老魔王
2014/04/01 10:59
好甜蜜喲, 真棒! 喜歡