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First Home Game
2009/09/22 13:07

September 19th was our first home game. We went to the Lavell Edwards Stadium to support our football team, the Cougars.

You might ask why we didn't watch the game on TV and hang out with our friends as usual?

I'd say...our family had missed a whole lot of fun games, especially the NCAA football games for the past couple of years. 

If we ever miss one game, I might graduate and won't be able to see their performance again. I will regret for not sponsoring the Cougars as being a true color for years....

Talking about live experience, we've been to so many wonderful Utah games.

We used to go to every single game in the U of U Rice-Eccles Stadium (while I was a graduate student there). Since the price was low ( 7 bucks a student/spouse/dependence per game and the season pass was not the requirement) and the Ute's previous head coach Urban Meyer ( now national #1 Gator's head coach) kept a record of 14-game winning streak at that time, we kind of knew what quality/price we were looking for...

The Cougars were playing really well during the past few years. You may find out the season outcomes by googling Mountain West Conference Title or Las Vegas Bowl.

They played Oregon Ducks in 2006, UCLA Bruins in 2007, and Arizona Wildcats in 2008 in Vegas every December.

This year the Cougars has begun at a pretty good standing, #20, first cracked the nations #3 Oklahoma 14-13 at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium (then ranked #9 on Week One pools), and smashed Tulane 54-3 in the Lousiana Superdome (then ranked #7 on Week Two polls). 

Well, let's take a close look....

More than 64,000 attendance 


 the audience


the opponent, Florida State

FSU, Noles

on the program cover is Max Hall, the quarterback


band marching after the second quarter 

The Cougars' defense disappointed everybody at the beginning of the 3rd quarter.The FSU didn't allow them to have any chance to touch the ball, soI didn't see any interception from the Cougars. FSU successfully converted many 3rd and 4th down....and completed lots of beautiful touchdowns.

It was getting dark

Finally, FSU upset the Cougars 54-18 and snapped the 18-game home winning streak in front of more than 64,000 Cougars fans (including me)!

How sad.......

After this game, BYU dropped from No.7 to No. 20.

BYU Ranked No. 19 and 20 in National Polls

 We won another games later.

Week Four (Sept. 21 - 27 ) Photos : 

BYU vs. Colorado State University

Week Five (Sept. 28 - Oct.3) Photos:

BYU vs. Utah State University

Week Six (Oct.4 - Oct.10) Photos:


Week Seven (Oct.11 - Oct.17) Photos:


Week Eight (Oct.18 - Oct.24) Photos: (Home Coming)

BYU vs. TCU  (L)

Week Nine-Ten (Nov. 1- Nov. 7) Photos:

BYU vs. Wyoming

Week Eleven (Nov.8- Nov. 14) Photos:

BYU vs. New Mexico

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迴響(7) :
7樓. 休士頓山姆
2009/10/07 06:34
Another Cougars
I was in University of Houston and we are cougars too. It seems like there are lots of cougar football team.

"Rooooooooar!!!" says the cougar from our Student Center.

(translation: How's the weather in Houston?)


可愛小孩2009/10/07 10:35回覆
6樓. 沉潛
2009/09/24 14:57

To be able to get excited for one particular side of a game....

hm.... this seems to be a sign of youth...

and that's why here comes our lovely child, who succeeds in helping me sense the excitement of the game!

Thanks! Really glad that you enjoyed the game with us!

可愛小孩2009/09/26 10:03回覆
5樓. Daju
2009/09/24 14:15


可愛小孩2009/09/26 10:56回覆
4樓. 莫大小說
2009/09/24 06:39
小孩 也是球迷呀
莫大作家才厲害呢什麼球都精通文章又寫得好 可愛小孩2009/09/26 09:40回覆
3樓. Gary Y. C. LIN
2009/09/23 13:31
哇!! 真壯觀



Gary Y.C. LIN ^_^





可愛小孩2009/09/26 09:36回覆
2樓. 稀有動物--稀有的 隨想隨寫--母愛篇
2009/09/23 10:25
Ha Ha

As I know that cougar has another meaning which has something to do with the lady over 40......and  ......flirt with young guy.

Just want to cheer you up

Well, I always call this roommate Big Brother. Does that count?  

Maybe I'll repent after I am 40. I may call him Younger Brother.......


可愛小孩2009/09/23 12:33回覆
1樓. 曉呆家族
2009/09/22 13:21
Go Caugars
Go Caugars! Fight back next time.....Good luck for their next game
We surely will....Thanks for cheering me up! 可愛小孩2009/09/23 12:13回覆