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來自量子觸療創始人Richard Gordon 及 CEO Jennifer Taylor 的祝福及禮物
2016/09/23 00:42

謝謝你們的支持與鼓勵,讓我能得到 Richard Gordon 及 Jennifer Taylor 的祝福及禮物。這是我個人的榮耀,今天收到了禮物,願與我們台灣的QT Family 分享!


今年我寫了一本QT新書,名為 “The Secret Nature of Matter(物質的秘密天性)”。通過一系列顯著的實驗中,我發現了許多驚人的事情,其中包括一個能使物體充滿能量的辦法,並對其進行測試,以看看它們是否真正能夠維持能量。在這個時候,我的新書涵蓋了57種獨特的實驗,展現了如何將心智和物質之間進行相互作用。 (該書將在明年推出) 
這款鍊墜擁有我最好的QT能量,而且在未來數年內將持續充滿著。藉由它,你可以將能量充滿到一個受傷者,一杯咖啡裡,或穿戴著它。可能性是無窮無盡的。如果你摸一個人的衣袖,鞋子或在某人頭上的一根頭髮,它會立即解開他們的骨盆腔及枕骨的扭轉變形。 (這當然是一個偉大的示範) 
* 請給我您的電子郵件地址,我可以郵寄給你。 

Dear Kaplar,
I hope you are well and wonderful.
I have a gift to send you, and some Quantum-Touch news. Some selected instructors are the first to know!  
I've written a new QT book this year titled, "The Secret Nature of Matter." Through a series of remarkable experiments, I've discovered many amazing things, including a way to charge objects and to test them in order to see if they are actually able to hold the charge. At this time, my new book covers 57 unique experiments that show how mind and matter interact. (The book will out next year)
As a result of these experiments, I've created the Quantum-Touch pendant.  
This pendant holds the best of my QT energy, and will remain charged for many years to come. With it, you can charge an injury, a cup of coffee, or wear it. The possibilities are endless. If you touch a person's sleeve, shoe or a single hair on their head, it will immediately untwist their pelvic and occipital torsion. (This certainly makes for a great demonstration)
You are one of our top QT instructors, and I'm thrilled to gift you one of our pendants. Please choose it in gold or silver. Each pendant has a small quartz crystal in the center. Just reply to this letter and tell us whether you prefer gold or silver. It measures 1.25 inches or 31.75 mm in diameter.
* Please email me your current address so I can mail it to you.
There is so much more to say about these pendants, and I'll reveal a huge secret about them after you receive it.
With much love,
Richard Gordon and Jennifer Taylor

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