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2015/07/30 20:33

True Buddha’s Wealth Deity Practice is indeed remarkable. There was a disciple who cultivated and subsequently strikes big lottery! His Holiness Living Buddha Grandmaster Liang-Sheng reveals the key practice instructions to eradicate troubled thoughts and enter into the state of Samadhi (denoting a state of intense concentration or absorption of consciousness induced by complete meditation).

2015年6月13日星期六 聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥在美國西雅圖雷藏寺, 主持黃財神同修, 並且講授密教大圓滿。
On Saturday 13th of June 2015, His Holiness Living Buddha Grandmaster Lu presided over the Yellow Jambhala Wealth Deity Common Practice at Seattle Lei Tsang Temple and expound on the teaching of the ''Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection (Dzogchen).''
所以,現場同門均受到賜福, 不但如此,連看網路直播, 都能夠因為深深重視師尊同修開示,而得到大福份。
During the common practice, Grandmaster Lu made a dedication and prayers to the Main Deity - Yellow Jambhala, Four Heavenly Kings and Relatives. Grandmaster Lu bestowed blessings on sentient beings, wishing that they can all cultivate with a peace of mind, achieve accomplishments, love and perfection.
Hence, all of whom were present were bestowed with blessings. Even those who watched the live telecast online and deeply value Grandmaster Lu’s Dharma Speech will received big blessings too.
Grandmaster Lu cares for all the disciples who visits from overseas. Hence he always make it a point to greet everyone in different languages. Grandmaster Lu’s humour and wittiness especially made everyone very joyful!
In regards to today’s Main Deity, Grandmaster Lu mentioned the following: In the beginning, why did i choose<>Yellow Jambhala Wealth Deity as one of the Eight Great Personal Deities of True Buddha School? Because He has the most affinity with Chinese. His left hand holds a treasure-spouting mongoose, which can spout treasures. “Duowen Tianwang” once incarnate himself into Li Jing (Heavenly King with a Pagoda in Hand) whom is one of the Seven Gods of Fortune in Japan.
* [Yellow Jambhala is an emanation of Duowen Tianwang, and is also called Vaisravana. In Buddhism, Vaisravana is one of the Four Heavenly Kings protecting worlds. He is a celestial deity who protects dharma and has the divine nature of bestowing wealth and fortune].

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