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LCD what driving methods can be used to open the LCD screen
2020/03/28 15:47

Many people feel that LCD LCD screen open mold filled with mysterious color, but there is no denying LCD LCD display features such as HD, highlight to many people to bring a different experience. At the same time, some users pay close attention to how to choose the good LCD LCD screen to open the mold, but also pay close attention to the driving method of LCD screen.

 LCD what driving methods can be used to open the LCD screen

 1. Static Drive Method

 If LCD LCD screen is opened by static drive method, it can obtain high display quality. Generally speaking, it is suitable for the driving of pen-shaped liquid crystal display screen. It establishes the driver by the phase, peak value custom lcd display cost and frequency of the potential signal, which shows different LCD display effects in the continuous transformation of pulse voltage. The advantage of this kind of drive is that the drive voltage is low, the response is very fast, and the power consumption is very small, but it also has the disadvantage that the form is relatively single, so it is not as wide as the dynamic drive method in the scope of use.

 2. Dynamic Driving Method

LCD the frequency of dynamic driving method is higher than that of static driving method. The dynamic driving method is more suitable for array display pixels, such as the more frequent dot-matrix liquid crystal display module, which can make the LCD liquid crystal display display display display stable image in high-definition stereo by one-to-one correspondence between each pixel of the liquid crystal display and the position of the row through the corresponding column, and then pulse by using CRT grating scanning drive method. This actuation method can be used to drive different display bits, and can be staggered by setting different times, so that the display screen  Better saturation and color.

 LCD liquid crystal display open mold technology has been far better than other kinds of display technology, especially the better service LCD liquid crystal display screen open mold company has the ability to guide the liquid crystal display screen sales market development direction. But at present, most of the display screen open mold companies are using more conventional static driving method and dynamic driving method.


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