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Why I Think Guinea Pigs are Good Pets

I think that guinea pigs are one of the best pets. They can be very faithful companions. Average guinea pigs can live up to 8 years and they will grant you long friendship if you are kind to them.

A personal reason why I like guinea pigs is how they eat. When they get a piece of food, they will munch on it really fast and stare forward with a blank expression on their faces that make them cute and fuzzy. Guinea pigs, in my opinion, also have soft fur. But in my experience, the female’s fur is softer than the males’ fur. The females’ fur is like rabbit fur, the male’s is like plastic wires. But if your guinea pig trusts you enough, then it may let you pet its nose. Its nose, when I pet them, feels like velvet and is probably the fuzziest part of its body. The softest part of the body is probably their neck area under the head. It will usually only let you pet it if it trusts you a lot. To get it to trust you, you have to feed it often and be kind to it. When you first get a guinea pig, it will usually not trust you. You have to let it get used to you before you do anything I mentioned earlier. To take care of a guinea pig, you have to change its padding. The padding soaks the smell of guinea pigs’ urine and poos. It also keeps the guinea pig’s feet from hurting when walking on the hard bottom of the cage. When putting in the padding, you should spread baking soda on the bottom of the cage to reduce the smell even more.

When getting guinea pigs, get two! Otherwise, they will have a shortened life span because one is too lonely. If you get two males, they will sometimes fight. If you get two females, then they will get along usually. If you get a male and a female, they may produce a baby. But, if you get a male and neutered female, then the male will harass the female and it probably not a good idea. Guinea pigs can eat Timothy hay, fresh fruit and veggies and some special pellets. Guinea pigs need Vitamin C, which is important because their bodies don’t manufacture it and they need it to survive. Timothy hay contains Vitamin C, but it is a good idea to feed them fruits such as orange. Carrots and bok choy should be fed sparingly because carrots have high sugar which can give guinea pig mouth sores and bok choy is high in calcium which makes their ever growing teeth harder to wear down. If your guinea pig squeaks loudly, it is probably hungry.  If it chatters teeth, that means it is angry and wants you stay away. If a guinea pig pops up and down and stands on its hind legs, that means it is happy.

In conclusion, I say that guinea pigs are very good and loyal pets. If you get a guinea pig, I bet you will like it very much. I own two guinea pigs and they are very happy. I hope you enjoy this essay and agree with me guinea pigs make great pets.

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