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感謝Tyzack家族史的專家Donald Tyzack利用2016新年假期,完成了八斗子海國容才丶清國井和翟薩(David Tyzack)故事的專題網頁!


t's a great story of Keelung Coal Mine and David Tyzack, who went to Formosa in 1874 o build the first machine-operated coal mine owned by Chinese government.


A witness to the achievement of a young English mining engineer

In the north-eastern coast of Taiwan, onto the rocky hillside being carved four Chinese characters “海國容才”, which means that among the countries overseas, there live talented. These characters were written in 1884 by a Chinese navy officer to pay respect to a young English engineer, David Tyzack, who was hired to build the first machine-used coal mine owned by Ch’ing government.

Badouzi, now is a little fishing village, was named Coal Harbor in English then. The coal mine’s investor was the Chinese South Sea Navy and the coal was to be shipped across the Taiwan Strait to Fuhchow where the navy yard was located.

For secrecy concern, the employment notice placed on UK newspapers in 1874 only announced the job opportunity was in a foreign nation far away but didn't include the exact destination. In the year Mr. Tyzack was recruited, his age was 26 and had never traveled abroad before.

During that period when the coal mine was working, most of foreign businessmen in Formosa knew where the Coal Harbor was. In the diaries of George Leslie Mackay(1844-1901), a Canadian Presbyterian missionary memorized in Taiwan for his contributions to medical service, had called on the Coal Harbor for 21 times and visited Mr. Tyzack for 5 times. The coal mine was also a key target of military importance during Keelung Campaign in 1884-1885, part of Sino-France War.

For saving the personnel cost, Ch’ing government replaced Mr. Tyzack with a Chinese in 1882. After back home, he made a presentation titled Notes on the coal-fields and coal-mining operations in north Formosa (China) at North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers in 1884.

For the sake of its cultural value, the Keelung city government has designated the relics of the coal mine a historical site and discusses how it could contribute to education and tourism.

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